Hither & Yon

Member Story

Hither & Yon is a winery owned and operated by the Leask family in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Their soil and people are at the heart of what they do.

Hither & Yon

Certification goals

Hither & Yon have a passion for making better wines with a lighter footprint, and achieving Climate Active certification was a way to translate their eco-conscious efforts into a certified product and business operations. They achieved certification by measuring, reducing, and offsetting all emissions created through their business operations and the making and distribution of their wine products. Reducing resource use and implementing sustainable business practices was key to their strategy – from installing solar PV on all farm sheds and the cellar door, to increasing the water holding capacity of soils in their farming, and increasing the biodiversity on their property.


Hither & Yon is the first winery in South Australia to be certified carbon neutral by Climate Active.

Certification type

Organisation and Product certification.
Member since 2021.


Hither & Yon reduced the emissions related to their business operations in 2020-21 by just over half from what they produced in their base year of 2019-2020 -- 39.41 tCO2-e, down from 70.78 tCO2-e.

“Certification is a way of sharing our purpose and a trust mark for our consumers to respect that we are real growers and makers who care most about the future environment.”

From an organisation level, Hither & Yon focus on renewable energy production and efficient buildings, responsible and responsive water use, minimising vehicle emissions, office recycling, and supporting Australian offset projects.

Staff involvement and training is at the core of everything they do, always seeking better ways of growing, managing, and making.

Hither & Yon employ the services of a carbon consultant to measure their carbon emissions to highlight areas of strength and improvement.

From a wine perspective, they concentrate on supply chain for recycled and natural materials. In their farming they are regenerative, and in their winemaking they are lo-fi. They reduce travel and freight as much as possible in routes to market.