Australians all have a role to play in protecting our unique and fragile environment. Climate Active is enabling individuals, businesses and government to work together to protect our climate now and for the future.

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    We empower

    Empowering the community to support organisations taking positive action on climate change.

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    We certify

    Encouraging industry to go beyond standard practice and set themselves apart as climate champions.

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    We connect

    Building a network of like-minded climate leaders.

Australian consumers are making a difference

You can make a difference too, by choosing brands with the Climate Active trade mark

Australian businesses are making a difference

Learn how your business can join the growing network of climate leaders positioning themselves for success in a low carbon economy

Who else is going climate active?

Working together

Now more than ever Australians need to work together to protect our climate. Climate Active is enabling businesses and the community to take action.

  • What is Climate Active

    Climate Active certification is awarded to Australian businesses that have met rigorous requirements to achieve a state called carbon neutrality. This requires a business to credibly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and then offset any remaining emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets that benefit the environment.

  • Be Climate Active

    Climate active certification demonstrates to your clients, customers and shareholders that your organisation is serious about taking positive action on climate change.

  • Buy Climate Active

    The Climate Active logo is a simple way of knowing whether the businesses you support are committed to addressing climate change. Find out more about the Australian organisations, events, products and services that have achieved Climate Active certification and how you can support them.

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