Why be Climate Active?

The process of becoming a carbon neutral organisation has led to significant operational savings, improved efficiencies and positive recognition for the leadership we have taken.
We are proud of our investment in the future of United Communities, the South Australian community we serve and our planet.


― Simon Schrapel, Uniting Communities Chief Executive

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges – and greatest opportunities – facing Australia today. Some of the nation’s best-known organisations are taking action to ensure Australia meets its carbon reduction commitments and they are well placed to grow and compete in a low emissions future.

Climate Active certification sends a clear signal that your business is serious about addressing climate change and is committed to sustainability, innovation, and industry leadership.

Importantly it provides an edge over competitors and taps into an increasing number of consumers driving the market for sustainable and ethical products and services. Sustainable product options are outperforming the competition and, for many sectors, a trusted certification scheme is a key to unlocking consumer demand.

Climate Active certification provides your organisation with the opportunity to:

  • demonstrate that your organisation is playing a part in climate action
  • generate revenue
  • meet stakeholder expectations
  • save energy and costs
  • enhance corporate reputation and image
  • build capacity
  • connect better with the community
  • engage employees
  • increase customer recognition

Hear some of our Climate Active Founding Members talk about their journey to carbon neutrality. 

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Download our Climate Active Business Case for more reasons why it makes sense to be carbon neutral. 

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