Our network

Upon achieving certification, PwC joined a network of corporate, industry and not-for-profit organisations. This network provides the opportunity to engage and stay connected with a group of leading businesses pursuing an environmental agenda.


― PricewaterhouseCoopers

Some of Australia’s leading organisations are certified Climate Active. This includes airlines, banks, councils, energy retailers, law firms, non-profit organisations, small and medium sized enterprises and universities.

Certified organisations form the Climate Active Network, a network of progressive climate leaders, working within their sectors to drive genuine change. Climate Active facilitates relationships among Climate Active Network members and provides the opportunity to attend information and networking events. These events provide avenues to develop business- to-business contacts across and within sectors and give participants the chance to share views and take leadership action on climate change.

Membership also offers the opportunity to influence and take part in the carbon neutral supply chain.

See who’s a part of the Climate Active Network.