Register of consultants for Climate Active certification

Registered consultants can help businesses become carbon neutral and achieve certification under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.

If you wish to achieve certification for precincts, products and services, organisations or events registered consultants can:

  • help with preparing applications for carbon neutral certification
  • help collect data to prepare a carbon inventory
  • undertake technical assessments of carbon neutral applications and reports

Certification for buildings should be sought through the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) or the Green Building Council of Australia.

Becoming a registered consultant

There are two pathways to becoming a Climate Active registered consultant based on your level of carbon accounting experience.

This experience may include in-depth quantitative assessments of a carbon account for your business or in providing advice. Relevant qualifications, training and published or peer reviewed carbon accounting experience is required. If you do not have experience or technical knowledge in carbon accounting you will not be able to apply.

Pathway One requires direct experience, in the past five years, in preparing or auditing a carbon neutral application against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. Through this pathway you will sign a registration agreement and code of conduct and complete a test. Training is highly encouraged but is not mandatory for those on pathway one.

Pathway Two requires relevant experience and knowledge in carbon accounting and/or environmental auditing. You do not necessarily need direct experience with claims against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. Through this pathway you will sign a registration agreement and code of conduct, and attend training before completing a test.

Registered consultant training

Climate Active registered consultant training is free, web-based and is held twice a year.

You will be listed as a registered consultant at the discretion of the Climate Active team. Your assessment must reflect a thorough understanding of Climate Active processes and policy requirements.  You may need to re-sit the test and training if your answers are not consistent with Climate Active guidance.

If you would like to apply to be a registered consultant, please email

Applications for Winter 2021 training closed 3 May 2021. Applications received between 4 May and 1 November 2021 will be assessed for Summer 2021/22 training.

List of registered consultants

The following section provides a list of registered consultants who have completed Climate Active training.