Pangolin Associates

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Pangolin Associates is a national energy and carbon management consultancy. They help organisations achieve efficiencies and competitiveness through measuring and reducing energy, carbon and other environmental impacts. Pangolin offers services such as calculating carbon footprints, energy efficiency audits, verification and assurance services, and carbon offsetting.

Pangolin Associates

Certification goals

To reduce their carbon footprint, Pangolin has implemented a number of policies including having paper free offices and selecting suppliers with environmental and ethical credentials. As much as possible they ensure energy efficiency in their office buildings through solar panels, energy efficient lighting, energy monitoring, LED lighting and motion sensors, which has helped them achieve an emissions reduction of about 39% so far.


Pangolin was the first certified carbon neutral company in the environmental services sector

Certification type

Organisation & Service
Founding member since 2016


Pangolin has gone on to help many more clients to become certified carbon neutral through Climate Active.

Certification means Pangolin’s services overall are more credible. It is an assurance that the company is a good choice, and a viable environmental consultancy.

Avoided emissions and protecting biodiversity are at the core of Pangolin’s principles and business ethics. Typically, Pangolin purchases and retires forest conservation verified carbon units (VCUs), locally and abroad. By purchasing these units, Pangolin is making an investment directly into forest conservation and global biodiversity.

Pangolin’s employees feel the social benefits derived from these projects is critical to the planet’s future, and to landowners and farmers who receive income from avoided deforestation activities rather than logging.