City Centre Motor Inn

City Centre Motor Inn is a family-run 40-room motel located at Armidale in the New England High Country of NSW. The motor inn is committed to reducing its environmental impact, recognising that the tourism sector contributes to significant global emissions. To achieve carbon neutrality, City Centre Motor Inn identified and implemented opportunities to reduce emissions, including investing in solar PV, installing an energy efficient heat pump and appliances, and transitioning to LED lighting. Behavioural changes such as the introduction of recycling, timing the heating and cooling of rooms, and reducing paper use have also contributed to reductions.

“We thought it was important to showcase how small business can be part of big change.”

Type of certification.

Organisation and service.

How long have you been certified carbon neutral?

Since May 2019.

Why are you carbon neutral?

We thought it was important to showcase how small business can be part of big change. We hope to be able to encourage others in our industry to reduce their carbon footprint.

What are the benefits of your carbon neutral certification?

It’s been a great networking opportunity to meet other business to collaborate in the Climate Active Network. It’s been a great marketing tool as well. Our staff have enjoyed the process and are proud to be a part of it, which is very important in small business. We are completely gas (LPG) free and our electricity use has plateaued as we have taken advantage of the PV system to run the Q-ton heat pump (hot water) during the day so it doesn’t have to run as much during the evening. Most of the use is during the evening as we are a motel. We also heat and cool bank the rooms during the day, again so the air conditioning units don’t work nearly as hard during the evening.

What offset projects do you support?

To offset remaining emissions, City Centre Motor Inn has invested in a 15 MW grid-connected wind power project by MMTC in Karnataka, India. At a local level City Centre Motor Inn gives guests the option to contribute to The Armidale Tree Group’s Every Tree Counts initiative.

Why did you choose these projects?

The wind power project in India has social and economic benefits beyond carbon reduction such as poverty reduction through improved infrastructure, access to employment and reliability of power. The Every Tree Counts initiative is a large-scale revegetation project with biodiversity benefits.

How can the community support you?

Stay with us and recommend it to your friends, family and businesses as well.

What else are you doing to reduce emissions?

Our biggest shock was how much landfill contributes to our carbon footprint. This knowledge has resulted in a revamp of our recycling system to see if we can reduce what gets thrown out. We are also trying to eliminate single use plastics, even recyclable plastics.

What advice would you give to a business considering certification?

Go for it. It’s a great way to learn about what your business produces and uses and where you can improve certain elements. We started this process because it was actually better for our bottom line. We also get to do something good for the environment in which we all live on the way.

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