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Lark Distilling Co. is a spirit producer based in Tasmania, with a Head Office located in the Hobart CBD. Our production facilities are located in Cambridge and Bothwell and we have hospitality venues located on Argyle and Davey Streets in Hobart. We are a producer of Tasmania single malt whisky and Tasmanian gin, as well as producers of hand sanitiser due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Our ambition is to make Lark whisky a globally consumed, recognised and loved Tasmanian brand icon that celebrates our connection to the craft, the community and each other.

We are custodians of a Tasmanian icon charged with a global vision. We envision a better future, a better solution and a different approach, one where our journey is about the quiet pursuit of the extraordinary by honouring tradition whilst creating new meaning and layers to the Lark story.

“The achievement of this milestone truly represents the best of Lark in terms of our pioneering spirit, the brand values and community contribution.”

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How long have you been certified carbon neutral?

Since April 2021.

Why are you carbon neutral?

The achievement of this milestone truly represents the best of Lark in terms of our pioneering spirit, the brand values and community contribution.   

We are committed to improving our work practices to ensure we take as little from the earth as we possibly can during a time of unprecedented concern for the future of our planet and I would urgently encourage all participants in the alcohol industry to participate and become certified Climate Active.

Tasmania’s climate is extremely important to the way we produce and develop our spirits. At Lark we believe it is our duty to reduce the impact we have on our local climate to preserve the conditions that have shaped our spirits, and brands, in the past so that we can continue to grow them into the future. Tasmania peat bogs rely on the local environment and climate to regenerate and thrive. It is believed that Australia’s peat bogs are existing at the edge of their climatic limits. Combatting climate change helps preserve the local peat from which Lark whisky gets its unique smokiness which connects us to our island home.

What are the anticipated benefits of your carbon neutral certification?

Our carbon neutral certification has brought an increased environmental focus on our operations here at Lark Distilling Co. Taking part in the audit has allowed us to drill down into every part of our business and look for ways we can reduce our footprint. Whether shifting towards recycled cardboard packing materials, reducing the weight of our packaging or reviewing our energy usage, we have been able to ensure that the environmental question is now part of every discussion we have in the business.

What offset projects do you support?

A regeneration project in New South Wales and a northern savanna burning project in northern Australia.  

Why did you choose these projects?

The regeneration project works with landholders to regenerate and protect native vegetation. The area harbours a number of indigenous plant species which provide important habitat and nutrients for native wildlife. By erecting fencing and actively managing invasive species, the project avoids emissions caused by clearing and achieves key environmental and biodiversity benefits.

The savanna project provides employment and training opportunities for local rangers while supporting Aboriginal people in returning to, remaining on and managing their country. Communities are supported in the preservation and transfer of knowledge, the maintenance of Aboriginal languages and the wellbeing of traditional custodians. Preventing wildfires also reduces the risk of wildlife loss and protects the areas surrounding ancient rock art sites.

How can the community and consumers support you?

Our community and consumers can support us by recycling or reusing our packaging and encouraging their family and friends to do the same.

What else are you doing to reduce emissions?

As part of our ongoing commitment to Climate Active, Lark Distilling Co. are seeking to reduce our carbon footprint, per litre of production, by investigating the following schemes:

  1. Becoming one of the first enterprises in Tasmania to switch to green gas
  2. Reviewing and where applicable replacing packaging with more environmentally friendly alternatives, and
  3. Replacing as much plastic in our dispatch and packing operations with recycled cardboard.

What advice would you give to a business considering certification? 

We encourage more businesses to take the positive steps to become certified. The more businesses on board the better our planet becomes and there is plenty of support available to help businesses through the process.

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