m3architecture is a national award-winning architecture firm based in Brisbane, which started in 1997.

Ideas lead our work. We conceive ideas that are embedded through every stage of a project. We are interested in designing something unexpected – something that makes your project extraordinary.

We are leaders in education and public architecture, though we work in any sector. We work on any architecture or design project, whether small or large scale, from buildings to exhibitions.

Our services include design, documentation and contract administration services. We are also adept at master planning, pre-design, project briefing and feasibility studies.

Our designs have been awarded the highest architecture prize for Public Buildings, Heritage and Small Projects in Australia. We have also won many awards for our interiors, urban design, and art and architecture. Our designs are published both nationally and internationally.

“Climate Active certification creates a framework for us to show leadership to our clients in the construction sector.”

Type of certification


How long have you been certified carbon neutral?

Since January 2021.

Why did you choose to go carbon neutral?

Climate Active certification is an important metric for demonstrating our commitment to good corporate citizenship at m3architecture. As signatories to Architects Declare this is our first step toward reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for the practice operations.

What are the anticipated benefits of your carbon neutral certification?

Climate Active certification creates a framework for us to show leadership to our clients in the construction sector. Through our project work we can discuss the merits of this certification with our clients and further develop our advocacy for climate action.    

What offset projects do you support?

A wind power project in China.  

How can the community support you?

By supporting Climate Active certified businesses.

What else are you doing to reduce emissions?

m3architecture is committed to developing a detailed emissions reduction strategy over the next two years. This includes a commitment to purchasing 100% green power in FY20/21, adopting energy reduction strategies, and reducing resource consumption.

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