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Minnippi Quarter is a new, master-planned community offering a collection of terrace homes and freehold land. Drawing inspiration from the neighbouring green space, the vision for Minnippi Quarter has been to create a lifestyle experience, best explored through mixing indoors and out. A quarter of the site is dedicated to green and recreational space, inclusive of a 6000sqm private parkland, all combining to redefine the limits of the home. The future of Minnippi Quarter is a bold representation of Frasers Property’s wider commitment to sustainability, a proud community targeting a 5 Star Green Star Communities rating.

“Don’t be afraid to talk to your own customers and partners to help them get involved.”

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How long have you been certified carbon neutral?

Minnippi Quarter achieved Climate Active certification in 2020.

Why are you carbon neutral?

Frasers Property Australia (FPA) recognises and respects the concerns our customers have for the environment and our planet.  As part of FPA’s commitment to sustainability, we continually strive to find a better way of conducting our business.  This includes a focus on not just reducing impacts on the planet and people lives, but to how we can enhance them and leave the world a better place.  Reducing carbon emissions is one significant way that many of our customers would like to contribute towards to benefit the global community.  Additionally, the outcomes achieved by the offset opportunities are intrinsically beneficial for the environment. FPA has also taken steps as a business to reduce and offset its carbon emissions, and has been operating in a carbon neutral status since 2015.

What are the benefits of your carbon neutral certification?

Through an easy, simple and convenient process, customers can opt in to offset the carbon associated with the construction of their home at any stage of their property journey. This is the key benefit, it takes the concept of offsetting and makes it accessible to the everyday public. It also allows for broader customer and industry engagement on embodied carbon, as well as supporting two fantastic offsetting projects. Finally, it supports our organisation on its journey towards becoming carbon neutral.

What offset projects do you support?

We are supporting a native forest regeneration project in Queensland and a forest protection project in Zimbabwe.

Why did you choose these projects?

Minnippi Quarter’s Build Neutral initiative supports communities both locally and globally, furthering Frasers Property’s commitment to a low-carbon, climate resilient future. We focused on these two projects in particular as they deliver carbon and ecological benefits, two areas which have been key considerations at Minnippi Quarter.

How can the community support you?

By opting-in customers will not only be supporting these exciting and important projects, but they will also be helping to start something new in the residential industry, that has the potential to create a dramatic shift in how we reduce the carbon impact of homebuilding in Australia. Through opting-in, customers will be demonstrating their endorsement of organisations who are proactively trying to reduce their environmental impact through initiatives that support carbon emissions reduction and seek to repair native vegetation.

What else are you doing to reduce emissions?

At Minnippi Quarter, we are providing homes with 100% carbon neutral power as well as targeting a 5 Star rating under the Green Star Communities tool. This rating is awarded to developments who have achieved ‘Australian Excellence’ under the Green Building Council of Australia’s certification scheme.

What has been the impact of your action?

It’s still early days, but through this exercise we’ve already identified that all our homes have a carbon footprint of under 80 tonnes per home. This has allowed us to set an internal benchmark from which we can start to measure the performance of future homes.

What advice would you give to a business considering certification?

Reach out to us. We are more than happy to share our lessons to help seed this initiative and allow it to take hold in the residential sector. It’s easier and cheaper than you think. Don’t be afraid to talk to your own customers and partners to help them get involved. 

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