The NRMA is Australia's largest member owned mutual organisation providing a range of services for members, customers and the community. The NRMA Group covers a diverse portfolio of businesses including motoring, marine, car rentals and holiday parks and resorts. The NRMA also has a diversified investment portfolio across various asset classes including equities, property, infrastructure and fixed income. 

This certification is limited to the operations of NRMA Ltd and NRMA Motoring, part of National Roads and Motorists’ Association Limited (ACN 000 010 506). This includes roadside assistance, NRMA Blue, advocacy, driver training, the electric vehicle fast charging network, Open Road magazine and our community and education programs. The certification does not include our transport and tourism businesses (marine, car rentals, holiday parks and resorts) or the investment portfolio of the NRMA Group.

“The NRMA has, and will always be a purpose-led organisation – we’re always looking for ways to positively contribute to the future of our members, customers and the communities they live, work and visit.”

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How long have you been certified carbon neutral?

Since March 2021.

Why did you choose to go carbon neutral?

The NRMA has, and will always be a purpose-led organisation – we’re always looking for ways to positively contribute to the future of our members, customers and the communities they live, work and visit. Being part of a sector that contributes to carbon emissions, we recognise our role in reducing our footprint and leading meaningful change.

From the outset, we’ve always looked for ways to help keep people moving safely and sustainably. From improving road conditions for motorists to advocating for better access and connectivity to reduce the impact of growing urbanisation. The NRMA is committed to providing solutions for the big mobility issues which impact our daily lives and the communities we live in. Our leadership on electric vehicles and investment in electric vehicle fast charging infrastructure is part of our continued commitment to reducing the impact of vehicle emissions and helping our members with the inevitable transition to cleaner, greener transport.

We also recognise the impact our own operations have on contributing to our carbon footprint. The NRMA Group remains committed to our vision of a low carbon future.  Since 2010, we’ve set annual targets to reduce our carbon emissions with a focus on energy efficiency actions in delivering both cost savings and environmental benefits.

We’re committed to developing a sustainability strategy with a detailed emission reduction roadmap for the next decade for the entire group. Our motoring business unit is well on the way to committing to new fit-for-purpose patrol vehicles that are less carbon intensive, converting the patrol fleet to use LPG, and growing the number of electric vehicles in the corporate fleet. Our energy efficiency program complements annual offsetting of carbon emissions from fuel used by roadside assistance vehicles since 2010.

What are the anticipated benefits of your carbon neutral certification?

We are proud that the NRMA is the first motoring organisation in Australia to be Climate Active certified. Climate Active certification is an important step in our journey to being a more sustainable and environmentally conscious organisation.

What offset project do you support?

A wind power project in India.

Why did you choose this project?

Our investment in renewable energy will help reduce fossil fuel dominated power generation and reduce global GHG emissions. This project is also a significant source of employment and educational opportunities for the local community.

How can customers support you?

Since 2006, the NRMA has undertaken a number of activities in support of reducing Australia’s dependence on fossil fuels. Our publications regularly include advice on how to reduce fuel use through vehicle choice and driving techniques and we keep members up to date on the latest technologies.

We’re continuing our commitment to explore new technologies, such as electric vehicles and local options which will be important for the economy and Australia’s transport future.

We’ve also invested $10 million into an electric vehicle fast charging network powered by 100% renewable energy. The NRMA EV Fast Charging network is the largest regional network in Australia and is delivered in partnership with local communities.

What else are you doing to reduce emissions?

Within our own operations, we continue to look for ways to reduce energy use, improve fuel efficiency and improve resource efficiency. This includes:

  • In our workplace, we are continuing to reduce energy and implement initiatives to better manage water use and waste production at our 5 Green Star rated building at Sydney Olympic Park.
  • On the road, we are being more fuel-conscious and applying whole-of-life functionality, safety and environmental considerations to our fleet. Our new fit-for-purpose patrol vans are up to 19% less carbon intensive per kilometre than our older dual fuel vehicles. We are also continuing the conversion of the patrol fleet to use LPG.

In our publications, we are continuing to encourage members to go digital and looking for ways to reduce paper use. Over the past 5 years, we have looked for ways to reduce resource use on our flagship Open Road publication.

What has been the impact of your action?

These changes on paper reduction have saved 816 tonnes of paper through changing the paper type (12%), reducing the paper size (11%) and cutting duplication waste (21%).

What advice would you give to a business considering certification?

Don’t be afraid to talk to your members, employees, customers and partners. Even small steps matter - take the time to help employees and customers better understand the value of climate active certification and what is means for the business.

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