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Oculus' sustainability ideal relates to the creation of a situation where people, development and ecology are in balance. Our concept of sustainability embraces natural, social and economic factors. When these three intrinsic parts are seen as equal and inseparable throughout the design process, the likelihood of creating truly wonderful and memorable places increases immensely. As landscape architects, urban designers and horticulturalists, we are dedicated to protecting the environment and fostering an informed and engaged society. We believe that we can make a positive contribution to the physical and social environment and create places that people value and treasure. 

“Achieving Climate Active certification is a valuable business commitment and conveys to employees, clients, consultants and communities the impact organisations place on the environment and building a sustainable future for all.”

Type of certification


How long have you been certified carbon neutral?

Since August 2021.

Why did you choose to go carbon neutral?

We undertook this process to convey our commitment and leadership in responding to the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. Furthermore, we see this as an essential action, given the nature of our work, to foster and support sustainability options both in our operations and throughout our projects.

What are the anticipated benefits of your carbon neutral certification?

The benefits of our Climate Active certification will see improvements and changes in our carbon emissions output across all areas of the practice including:

  • the implementation of 100% green power energy
  • improved waste and recycling procedures
  • refining sustainable supply chains
  • travel (air) reductions and employee pledge to minimise car use where possible
  • embedding sustainable design principles into all of our projects, and
  • behavioural change and awareness of our employees.

What offset project do you support?

A wind power based electricity generation project in India.

Why did you choose this project?

We have elected the above project as our carbon offset choice because of their focus on delivering projects with strong environmental outcomes, along with social and economic co-benefits.

How can your customers support you?

By acknowledging and understanding our sustainability and environmental policies.

What else are you doing to reduce emissions?

At Oculus we are always looking to discover new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of the actions we have put in place include:

  • training and educating our staff, sub-consultants, collaborators and clients so that they can actively and knowingly contribute to our sustainability ideal
  • staying abreast of best-practice approaches to environmental management
  • keeping well informed about innovations in environmental design and construction techniques
  • remaining up to date on environmentally sustainable products, materials and finishes, and
  • identifying project specific environmentally sustainable objectives and targets in the concept phase of each project.

What advice would you give to a business considering certification?

Achieving Climate Active certification is a valuable business commitment and conveys to your employees, clients, consultants and communities the impact your organisation places on the environment and building a sustainable future for all.

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