Suncorp Metway Limited

Suncorp Metway Limited

A subsidiary of Suncorp Group Limited, Suncorp Bank’s business is focused on lending, deposit gathering and transaction account services to personal, small and medium enterprise, commercial and agribusiness customers in Australia.

Public Disclosure Statements


  • Certification type: Organisation
  • Year: 2021-22
  • Publication date: 02/08/2022


  • Certification type: Service
  • Year: 2021-22
  • Publication date: 02/08/2022

Type of certification

Organisation and Service.

Suncorp Metway Ltd is certified for its business operations and for the service all personal transaction deposit products. 

Date certified

July 2022. 

100% Australian Carbon Credit Units

Certified carbon neutral with 100% Australian Carbon Credit Units – supporting Australian offset projects, our communities and the local environment.

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On 18 July 2022, Suncorp Group announced it had signed an agreement to sell Suncorp Bank to ANZ. There are a number of approvals required before the sale can be completed and this process is expected to take around 12 months. Until completion, Suncorp Group will continue to own Suncorp Bank which will operate with minimal disruption for customers and employees. If a transaction is completed, ANZ has indicated it intends to run Suncorp Bank as a separate business for at least three years post completion of the sale. ANZ has the right to use the Suncorp Bank brand for five years post completion, and this may be extended for an additional two more years. Until this time, Suncorp Group remains fully committed to supporting Suncorp Bank.