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Tetris Capital is a sponsor, advisor, investor and manager of infrastructure and structured projects, with a portfolio of projects under management worth more than $1 billion.  We are nimble and creative; our team and our results are market leading. Our end to end delivery solution encompasses all aspects of a project including finance, design and construction and the ongoing operation and management of our assets. Tetris has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and is 100% privately owned by its staff.

“Through the certification process, we gained a greater understanding of our sources of greenhouse gas emissions, allowing us to target specific strategies to further reduce our carbon footprint.”

Type of certification


How long have you been certified carbon neutral?

Tetris Capital achieved Climate Active certification in 2020.

Why are you carbon neutral?

Climate Active certification is a way of taking responsibility for the unavoidable emissions generated by an organisation's operations, and encourages others to take steps to minimise their own environment impacts.

Our projects each have a focus on delivering positive environmental and social impacts, and certification provides further evidence that these core values are intrinsic to the Tetris Capital DNA.

What are the benefits of your carbon neutral certification?

Through the certification process, Tetris Capital gained a greater understanding of its sources of greenhouse gas emissions, allowing us to target specific strategies to further reduce our carbon footprint. 

The certification also allows us to convey our environment and socially responsible approach to our activities to our partners and clients.

What offset projects do you support?

Tetris Capital invested in Climate Active eligible offsets bundled with Australian biodiversity projects.

Why did you choose these projects?

The projects were chosen because they offer a mix of offset projects with a preference for supporting projects in Australia supported by a mix of international credits.

What else are you doing to reduce emissions?

Tetris Capital will continue to reduce its headline emissions through carbon offsets when travelling domestically and internationally, completing our transition to a paperless office and promoting environmentally friendly alternatives for commuting to work.

What advice would you give to a business considering certification?

That businesses understand the time and process required to achieve carbon neutral certification, and engage the support of a trusted consultant or similar to help successfully navigate through the certification process.

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