Warakirri Asset Management

Warakirri Asset Management

Warakirri is a multi-boutique asset management firm established in 1993 with specialist investment offerings for institutional and retail investors across multiple asset classes including agriculture, equities, cash and specialised U.S real estate. Warakirri’s equities offerings provide access to ethical investing and in partnership with Flinders Investment Partners, to small cap equities.

Public Disclosure Statements

Public Disclosure Statement

  • Certification type: Organisation
  • Year: 2020-21
  • Publication date: 26/10/2021

Type of certification


Warakirri Asset Management is certified for its Australian business operations. 

Date certified

July 2021.

100% Australian Carbon Credit Units

Certified carbon neutral with 100% Australian Carbon Credit Units – supporting Australian offset projects, our communities and the local environment.

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