Yallamundi Farm

Member Story

Yallamundi Farm is a family-owned egg producer on the Darling Downs, Queensland, operating both organic and pasture raised egg production systems. The farm combines traditional farming values with pioneering practices to produce nutritious and accessible food that is sustainable, ethical, and kind. Yallamundi Farm is committed to having a positive impact in everything they do – treating their animals, land, customers and their wider community with kindness and respect.

Yallamundi Farm

Certification goals

Yallamundi Farm is dedicated to making a positive impact and reducing their contribution to climate change. To achieve their product certification, Yallamundi undertook the process of measuring, reducing, and offsetting all emissions related to the production, processing, grading, and packaging of their eggs. Their five-year emissions reduction strategy, established in 2022, includes investigating lower emissions feed inputs to reduce environmental impacts from the diet of their chickens; improving feed conversion to reduce feed requirements and manure emissions; reducing energy use; increasing the use of renewable energy; and storing carbon in vegetation by planting trees to reduce net emissions.


Yallamundi Farm’s eggs are the first eggs in Australia to be certified carbon neutral by Climate Active.

Certification type

Product certification.
Member since 2021.



Yallamundi Farm has installed solar panels at their farm bore, their main water source, effectively increasing the use of renewable energy.

“Climate Active certification is a worthwhile journey to start and to continue to allow for a better planet for future generations.”

When Yallamundi Farm made the decision to work towards Climate Active certification, there were several anticipated benefits that fuelled their action.

The ability to empower their staff was integral to their decision, demonstrating that environmental contributions of any size can lead to positive effects and meaningful change. Further, creating supply chain partnerships within the Climate Active Network and joining a community of like-minded organisations, was seen as cause to take collective action. Finally, the third-party verification of their commitment to carbon neutrality, which is required to achieve Climate Active certification, allowed Yallamundi to validate the integrity of their climate-conscious action.