Meaning ‘western land’, the name Hesperia reflects our Western Australian heritage. We recognise the uniqueness of our state and the need to evolve continually alongside our growing community. This perspective drives our focus on delivering places of enduring value – unlocking potential in place. Our projects span across commercial, industrial, residential, retail, medical and hospitality sectors. As Western Australia’s leading property developer, we acknowledge our role as industry leaders and are proud to be making sustainable development a core part of our business. Hesperia is developing business units to deliver renewable energy services, carbon farming projects and recycled materials services.

Public Disclosure Statements

Public Disclosure Statement

  • Certification type: Organisation
  • Year: 2020-21
  • Publication date: 07/06/2022

Type of certification


Hesperia is certified for its business operations.

Date certified

June 2022.

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