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Viva Energy Australia is one of Australia’s leading energy companies and supplies approximately a quarter of the country’s liquid fuel requirements. It is the exclusive supplier of high quality Shell fuels and lubricants in Australia through an extensive network of more than 1,300 service stations across the country.

Viva Energy owns and operates the strategically located Geelong Refinery in Victoria, and operates bulk fuels, aviation, bitumen, marine, chemicals and lubricants businesses supported by more than 20 terminals. Viva Energy have a presence at over 50 airports and airfields, including all major airports, and a supply chain capable of delivering to customers large and small.

The size, experience and operational breadth, in combination with the convenience and efficiency of services such as into-plane refuelling, business jet refuelling and aviation fuel card, means that Viva Energy can tailor individual solutions for our aviation customers to meet their unique requirements.

Viva Energy is proud to manufacture jet fuel at our Geelong Refinery, and to be the only manufacturer of Aviation Gasoline (Avgas) in the country. We are committed to the health and safety of our people, the communities where we operate and our customers.

“Viva Energy has chosen to certify under the Climate Active scheme as we are aware that air travel is a contributor to global emissions and that the industry, through IATA, has put in place an ambitious and robust carbon emissions strategy.”

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How long have you been certified carbon neutral?

Since July 2021.

Why did you choose to go carbon neutral?

Viva Energy has chosen to certify under the Climate Active scheme as we are aware that air travel is a contributor to global emissions and that the industry, through IATA, has put in place an ambitious and robust carbon emissions strategy. To support our customer’s emissions reduction ambitions and as a trusted fuel partner to several major airlines, Viva Energy is invested in developing solutions that can support their aims.

By developing a Carbon Neutral Jet Fuel, Viva Energy will be able to assist our customers to achieve their sustainability objectives and provide passengers a sustainable alternative when flying.

By adhering to the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard, our customers can have confidence that our product has passed through multiple layers of due diligence before claiming carbon neutrality.

What are the anticipated benefits of your carbon neutral certification?

Our carbon neutral certified jet fuel can help our customers achieve their sustainability objectives by providing an affordable, carbon neutral jet fuel option. This product has received strong support internally and generated strong employee engagement.  It is a great demonstration of sustainability in action which is important for our stakeholders and investors.

What offset projects do you support?

Wind power projects in India and a West Arnhem land fire abatement project in Australia.

Why did you choose these projects?

When structuring our portfolio, it was important to Viva Energy to ensure that we were supporting local projects and communities. Part of our portfolio consists of credits procured from the West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Project (WALFA) where park rangers will perform controlled burns early in the dry season to reduce fuel on the ground which subsequently prevents bigger, hotter and uncontrolled wildfires later in the season. This project is owned exclusively by Aboriginal people with custodial responsibility for those parts of Arnhem Land under active bushfire management.

How can the community support you?

The community can support Viva Energy by opting to use Viva Energy Carbon Neutral Jet Fuel where available, when organising travel through their airline or charter.

What else are you doing to reduce emissions?

Our emissions reduction strategy has the following key pillars:

Remain focused on improving the energy efficiency and emissions intensity of our existing operations, including through the implementation of an Energy Masterplan at our Geelong Refinery, which represents 96% of our operational (scope 1 and 2) greenhouse gas emissions.

Our vision for the Geelong Energy Hub focused on exploring opportunities in transition fuels (such as LNG imports), alternative fuels (e.g. biofuels and hydrogen), and renewable energy and emission reduction projects (e.g. a solar energy farm) at our key asset in Geelong.

Develop our businesses and capability in the early stages of lower carbon alternative fuels development to capture opportunities in emerging products, services, and new markets as they mature.  An example of this is our agreement to work collaboratively with Gevo to establish the technical and commercial feasibility of converting biomass in Sustainable Aviation Fuel and renewable gasoline from regionally sourced renewable feedstocks using Gevo’s patented technology.

Provide commercial solutions and expertise to help our customers achieve their own energy efficiency and emissions reduction goals as their trusted fuel partner - our “carbon neutral” jet fuel product is an example of this.

What has been the impact of your action?

If 1% of the jet fuel that Viva Energy Aviation sells was to be carbon neutral, we would offset over 92,000 tonnes of Co2 from domestic and international flights.

What advice would you give to a business considering certification?

Invest time in understanding your customer’s needs and challenges so you can develop sustainable products or options to meet those needs.

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